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What to Expect on a Virtual Quest


Sign up for a quest.


Await your box of treasures and activities in the mail


Log in for your scheduled adventure and watch your imagination soar.

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Every treasure box is unique and includes hand-crafted 'magic items', game components, art materials, and an activity packet. These materials will be used over the course of the Adventure. Because each box is unique, this is just a sample of what your Adventurer can expect  to receive.

Welcome to SummerQuest Fantasy Adventures


Welcome to SummerQuest, where we weave virtual, physical, and sensory components into a highly interactive and engaging role-play adventure. Players are part of the story, and the decisions and actions of the players determine how the story will unfold.

Before each adventure begins, a package of treasures and activities is delivered to your door. These tangible materials are woven into the role-play adventure and bring the story fully to life within your home, even after the screen goes dark.


The challenges, treasures and activities are real, while the adventures and danger are in the realms of imagination. The result is fun, fast paced, challenging, family-friendly and person-centered. 

Why SummerQuest? 

SummerQuest Fantasy Adventures were created by Developmental Support Associates (DSA) in response to the conflicting needs for both social activity and social distancing.

For the players of SummerQuest, the experience is about having an enjoyable personal and social experience.

For the SummerQuest team, it is also about promoting personal, social and cognitive growth for each participant in areas such as frustration tolerance, self-regulation, impulse control, planning, problem solving, social reciprocation and social collaboration.


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